So Many Passover Items So Little Time

Monday, 09, March , 2015 by

Purim is over and Pesach is just 1 month away. Here are some new, amazing items Kosher for Passover Pesach: Lieber’s Sandwich cookies- eat ‘em plain, crush them for ice cream, put them in baggies for Chol Hamoed items. Yes, Kosher for Passover Kosher for Pesach! Goldbaum’s Kosher for Passover Quinoa. This wonder Passover friendly

Nick Trading is proud to sponsor a pot of cholent with our very own secret recipe for Cheder Menachem’s Cholent Cookoff. The event will be IY”H on December 4th. If your family or company would like to enter the competition, please email for more details. Up to three guys can be on a team,