KosherFest 2013

Thursday, 31, October , 2013 by

Whew! Kosherfest 2013 was a whirlwind as usual! Nick Trading enjoyed meeting with our longtime vendors and new clients as well as discovering new food products that we know you will love and hope to bring to the market within the month. Here are some pictures you might enjoy of Shmuly Cohen, CEO of Nick

New Item! Richfield Farms

Thursday, 24, October , 2013 by

Whoa Nelly!  We have a ton of new products lately and are so thankful.  One that is very unique is Richfield Farms soups.  It’s the perfect starter to a meal and they have a homemade taste.  The soups come in minestrone, mushroom barley, chicken noodle, and butternut squash, so you are sure to find a