If you are moving away from soy milk, embrace almond milk drinks! Try Califia Farms Almond Milk lattes and coffee drinks. Smooth, creamy and so tasty. Kosher Pareve drinks at their best. Kosher Almond Milk.

New Organic Kosher Sushi products distributed by Nick Trading! The Natural Earth Sushi linei includes White Sushi Rice, Brown Sushi Rice, Sushi Ginger, Wasabi Powder, and Nuri (Seaweed for Sushi). Look for it in your West Coast Kosher market.

Eating Kosher makes you feel more Jewish

Sunday, 08, December , 2013 by

Nick Trading is your Kosher and health food specialty distributor on the West Coast. We have all types of customers: religious Jews, non-religious Jews, and non-Jews as well. Jewish traditional foods remain strong even as food innovations become more widespread. Here’s a study that reinforces what we already know: eating Kosher foods make you feel

Simply Orange Juice is back!

Tuesday, 12, November , 2013 by

Simply Orange orange juice and lemonaid in large size 59 ounces and individual size 13.5 ounce has arrived and will be back on the shelf this week. Our kids go nuts for the Pineapple-Orange flavor. What are you into? Are you Lemonaiders? Mango-Orange peeps? The elusive Banana-Orange? We’re so glad it’s finally here! Look for

Drugstore and Pharmacy Displays

Sunday, 10, November , 2013 by

Getting your medications is so much more enjoyable when you can pick up a Kosher cookie or pastry! Check out our drugstore and pharmacy racks featuring Reisman’s Kosher cookies, brownies and pastries as well as Aufschnitt beef jerkey, Carmit chocolates imported from Israel and Scharffen Berger chocolates.

Nick Trading really is International!

Monday, 28, October , 2013 by

Apparently Dorot’s new Sofrito spice is all the rage for our Puerto Rican customers. Sofrito is a spice made from herbs that cannot be found in America and is essential to classic Puerto Rican dishes. What is Sofrito you ask?  From Dorot’s website: “Dorot’s Sofrito takes you to Latin American cuisine. Sofrito is a very

New Item! Richfield Farms

Thursday, 24, October , 2013 by

Whoa Nelly!  We have a ton of new products lately and are so thankful.  One that is very unique is Richfield Farms soups.  It’s the perfect starter to a meal and they have a homemade taste.  The soups come in minestrone, mushroom barley, chicken noodle, and butternut squash, so you are sure to find a

Lundberg voted best rice!

Sunday, 06, October , 2013 by

Nick Trading is proud to be the distributor of many distinguished kosher and healthy brands.  Lundberg is one of the brands Nick Trading distributes and they make delicious rice, rice chips, rice cakes and more.  Two types of Lundberg rice were voted as the best rice in Real Simple magazine.  We are very proud and

New Kosher Snack Item! Olove

Friday, 04, October , 2013 by

Here at Nick Trading, you’re premier Kosher food distributor in Los Angeles, California we received dozens of samples of new products a week.  And it’s our job to taste every thing that comes in and decide if it’s a good fit for our company to distribute.  Because Nick Trading works with many markets including Kosher,