Kosher snacks in 7-11

Monday, 17, February , 2014 by

Nick Trading your favorite kosher wholesale food distributor focuses on creating relationships with our customers and through loyalty, hard work, and honesty and, of course with help from G-d, we have continued to expand. Kosher products from Nick Trading are now in many 7-11 stores throughout California. Check out Nugo bars and Gullon cookies and

New Organic Kosher Sushi products distributed by Nick Trading! The Natural Earth Sushi linei includes White Sushi Rice, Brown Sushi Rice, Sushi Ginger, Wasabi Powder, and Nuri (Seaweed for Sushi). Look for it in your West Coast Kosher market.

Yitzy Dressing and Pancake Batter!

Wednesday, 22, January , 2014 by

A bunch of our employees are fans of Yitzy dressing and pancake batter, so Nick Trading International is honored to be Yitzy’s distributor. Their lite and regular dressings come in a variety of flavors including caesar, lemon garlic, thousand island, dillweed and spicy mayo. Yitzy’s pancake batter is very unique, it comes in a frozen

New Kosher Snack: HannahMax Cookie Chips

Monday, 06, January , 2014 by

Mazel tov! A cookie and chip got married and had beautiful babies- Hannahmax Cookie Chips. So thin, crunchy and delicious, once you try this unique kosher snack you will be addicted. brought to you with love by your favorite Kosher and health wholesale food distributor Nick Trading International Inc.

The owner of Nick Trading spent a full year in South Africa and since then has had fond memories of something called Biltong. Either you’re saying “finally Kosher Biltong!” or you are scratching your head wondering what Biltong is and what all the fuss is about. What is Biltong? Biltong is similar to beef jerkey,

Every time we visited New York we’d check out the Kosher Cholov Yisroel ice cream. We were always impressed with the beautiful Kosher Cholov Yisroel ice cream cakes, miniatures, and gourmet ice cream selection. Try as we may we couldn’t seem to make it work here in Los Angeles. Fret no more! Western Kosher Pico,

Eating Kosher makes you feel more Jewish

Sunday, 08, December , 2013 by

Nick Trading is your Kosher and health food specialty distributor on the West Coast. We have all types of customers: religious Jews, non-religious Jews, and non-Jews as well. Jewish traditional foods remain strong even as food innovations become more widespread. Here’s a study that reinforces what we already know: eating Kosher foods make you feel

Happy Thankgivingkah!

Tuesday, 26, November , 2013 by

Wishing all of our customers and vendors a happy Channukah and Thanksgiving!

Kosher Snacks for Family Roadtrips!

Friday, 22, November , 2013 by

We’re so excited for Thankgivingkah (Thanksgiving + Channukah) and like many of you are taking a looong drive to spend time with our family. We load up the car with snacks and treats, but at a certain point too much junk is nauseating. So, we specifically mix it up- part sugary treats, part healthy snacks.

Simply Orange Juice is back!

Tuesday, 12, November , 2013 by

Simply Orange orange juice and lemonaid in large size 59 ounces and individual size 13.5 ounce has arrived and will be back on the shelf this week. Our kids go nuts for the Pineapple-Orange flavor. What are you into? Are you Lemonaiders? Mango-Orange peeps? The elusive Banana-Orange? We’re so glad it’s finally here! Look for