So Many Passover Items So Little Time

Monday, 09, March , 2015 by

Purim is over and Pesach is just 1 month away. Here are some new, amazing items Kosher for Passover Pesach: Lieber’s Sandwich cookies- eat ‘em plain, crush them for ice cream, put them in baggies for Chol Hamoed items. Yes, Kosher for Passover Kosher for Pesach! Goldbaum’s Kosher for Passover Quinoa. This wonder Passover friendly

Your favorite individual drinks are in your local gas station and convenience stores. Reach for some chocolate, sweet, Mocha flavored Califia Farms almond milk, or try Mango-Orange juice from Simply Orange and sip the delicious, and chalav yisroel Caramel Real Beanz Iced Coffee. In Kosher stores everywhere in Los Angeles thanks to Nick Trading, your

We are so thankful that Nick Trading International was selected as the winner to Office Depot and Task Rabbits small business contest. We are proud to be your premier Kosher food distributor in California. We are enjoying the gift card and excellent prizes to stock our new warehouse– opening in 2015. Thank you so much!

Big news! Chalav Yisroel (Cholov Yisroel, Halav Yisrael, Halav Israel) toddler Chalav Yisroel formula is here! It will be on the shelves this Monday, December 8, 2014. It is FDA approved and made in the USA. The brand is Natures One. Natures One also makes pareve, organic, soy formula. This formula is designed for ages

Kosherfest 2014

Friday, 14, November , 2014 by

Nick Trading enjoyed representing the West Coast as the best Kosher food distributor from Los Angeles, California at this year’s Kosherfest food show 2014. We tasted many new, exciting products– stay tuned for new brands that will be joining the Nick Trading family. We also enjoyed mingling with our fantastic customers and vendors. See you

Nick Trading is proud to sponsor a pot of cholent with our very own secret recipe for Cheder Menachem’s Cholent Cookoff. The event will be IY”H on December 4th. If your family or company would like to enter the competition, please email for more details. Up to three guys can be on a team,

BIG CONTEST! Nick Trading is moving into a new warehouse soon IYH and is considering a name change. The problem is, we haven’t thought of a name good enough to change it to! Friends, we need your help! So, here’s the contest: Submit your winning name on our FaceBook page: Nick Trading International and you

Food News

Monday, 22, September , 2014 by

Nick Trading International stays on trend with Kosher and Health Food News. Honest Tea’s Seth Goldman, Stonyfield Farms’ Gary Hirschberg, and others debate what the food revolution has meant for culinarily inspired entrepreneurs. Back in 1995, CEO Gary Hirshberg told Inc. about a “friendly note” on every yogurt container Stonyfield Farm sold that encouraged customers

Pareve Ice Coffee!

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If you are looking for a kosher pareve iced coffee, give Califia Farms lattes, mochas, espressos or ice coffees a chance. Made from almond milk, but blended to tastes smooth and creamy. Available at your local Los Angeles, California kosher market, mini mart, and gas station.

Los Angeles Kosher distribution

Thursday, 28, August , 2014 by

There is no better distributor on the West Coast when it comes to customer service. Nick Trading is your number one resource for all your distribution needs in California. Based in Los Angeles county, Nick Trading is central for all your Kosher distribution needs. Nick Trading also specializes in Health, bulk, convenience stores, and chain