Los Angeles Kosher distribution

Thursday, 28, August , 2014 by

There is no better distributor on the West Coast when it comes to customer service. Nick Trading is your number one resource for all your distribution needs in California. Based in Los Angeles county, Nick Trading is central for all your Kosher distribution needs. Nick Trading also specializes in Health, bulk, convenience stores, and chain

Another signature demo will be done this Sunday, August 31st at Bob’s Market in Santa Monica from 12 PM- 3 PM. Nick Trading International will be demoing and giving out hundreds of samples of Califia Farms almond Iced Coffee, Cafe Lattes and juices. Meet us there and enjoy the kosher free samples.

If you are moving away from soy milk, embrace almond milk drinks! Try Califia Farms Almond Milk lattes and coffee drinks. Smooth, creamy and so tasty. Kosher Pareve drinks at their best. Kosher Almond Milk.

We’re mid summer now and before you know it the whole season will pass you by. Hold on to the fun with Klein’s ice cream treats. Chalav Yisroel, Halav Israel, Cholov Yisroel Ice cream in single serve, pareve, bulk and dozens of flavors.