New Organic Kosher Sushi products distributed by Nick Trading! The Natural Earth Sushi linei includes White Sushi Rice, Brown Sushi Rice, Sushi Ginger, Wasabi Powder, and Nuri (Seaweed for Sushi). Look for it in your West Coast Kosher market.

Yitzy Dressing and Pancake Batter!

Wednesday, 22, January , 2014 by

A bunch of our employees are fans of Yitzy dressing and pancake batter, so Nick Trading International is honored to be Yitzy’s distributor. Their lite and regular dressings come in a variety of flavors including caesar, lemon garlic, thousand island, dillweed and spicy mayo. Yitzy’s pancake batter is very unique, it comes in a frozen

New Kosher Snack: HannahMax Cookie Chips

Monday, 06, January , 2014 by

Mazel tov! A cookie and chip got married and had beautiful babies- Hannahmax Cookie Chips. So thin, crunchy and delicious, once you try this unique kosher snack you will be addicted. brought to you with love by your favorite Kosher and health wholesale food distributor Nick Trading International Inc.